Press for Yoko Ono's Passages for Light

Ono stays in the picture
The Stanford Daily - January 16, 2009

Q&A with Yoko Ono
The Stanford Daily - January 16, 2009

Yoko Ono, Passages for Light
The Stanford Daily - January 16, 2009

Yoko Ono reflects on her life, work and public perception
Stanford Report - January 15, 2009

An evening with Yoko Ono - January 15, 2009

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The Wish Tree

Yoko Ono’s interactive WISH TREE installation has been ancillary to many of her exhibitions over the years. Participants are invited to write their wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on the branches of a tree. The wishes are to be buried at the foot of the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.

From Monday - Friday, January 12 - 16, 2009, two Wish Trees were installed at Stanford, one in Tresidder Union, and the other next to the Stanford Bookstore in White Plaza.